The Professional Eye

Not everyone is a photographer

90% of being a good photographer is your eye, your eye is the lens in which you see the world and everyone has a different lens.

Photography like any art it has more to do with the person taking the pictures then the lens or equipment although dear memories has professional equipment nothing is more important then the portrait taker them selves.  There eye or style that is what distinguishes a real photographer from a family member with a camera. much like if you go to the store and buy all the stuff to paint a beautiful picture canvas, paint and brushes yet haven't learned to paint or only done it a little.. then it wouldn't turn out to pretty. Only in the real artists hands do those tools turn into a portal to another reality a vision of beauty.

More and more people or realizing this difference and coming back to professional photographers after ending up with pour quality photos at events and weddings that can never be lived again.